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The rear seats in a car need to be fitted safely, fully functional and comfortable for the passengers to sit on while travelling in the vehicle. The seat centre rear back bottom provides you with the bottom part of the centre seat in the rear of the vehicle.

There are two main types of seating in most vehicles, the individual or bucket seat which are contoured to take one person, and the bench seat which consists of separate seats which fit together to form a bench style seat, or one central bench style seat, which will accommodate two or even three people. Usually bucket seats occupy the front of the vehicle and bench seats are to the rear. The rear seats, though not normally as adjustable as the front seats, can usually be folded down when not in use to create more space for luggage in the rear of the car. In addition there are some estate cars that have one or two rear-facing childrens seats that can be folded away when not in use.

The seat is comprised of a seat bottom and a seat back. The seat bottom is the part of the seat that you sit on and is usually made of foam and fitted with springs to make it cushioning and soft to sit on. The seat back provides support to the back while seated and some car seats offer  lumbar support which provides added support and  comfort. The rear seats in a car are important to get right for reasons of safety, comfort and health. Whether making a short trip to the local shop or travelling long distances in your car, it's important that the back passenger seats  provide support, comfort and functionality.  Car seats are generally covered with leather, cloth or synthetic materials like neoprene or synthetic leather.  The material used to cover car seats should be strong, tough, practical, comfortable to sit on, long lasting,  easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing and should match the rest of your car's interior.  The rear seats in a car can be fitted with arm  rests, which are fixed to the bottom or back of the seat to  maximise comfort.  Some car seats have a heating option which warms the seat to keep you toasty in the colder months. Specific features will be dependent on the car make and model. All cars are required to have  seatbelts  fitted  for  all  seats, considered the Primary Restraint  System, they are paramount to safety while travelling in the car.  

You may need a replacement seat centre rear back bottom because your  car  has been in  an accident and the seat bottom has suffered damage, or you may  be wishing  to  customise and personalise the interior of your car with a new bottom to the centre seat, because the current one is stained, ripped or damage has occurred to the seat inner. It's important to  choose the right part that will  fit  the make and model of your car so  purchasing  a      seat centre rear back bottom is  an excellent choice.