The single component of a car that comes into the greatest amount of contact with the driver’s hands is the steering wheel. It is important, when gripping the steering wheel, that the driver feels in control of the vehicle but also, especially on longer journeys, that the experience of steering the car is a comfortable one. It is not surprising, then that many drivers try to find the most comfortable steering wheel which, nevertheless, provides optimum grip for a safer ride. With the issues of comfort and safety in mind, many motorists choose a leather steering wheel.

A leather steering wheel can, in fact, be a conventional steering wheel with a leather cover. Alternatively, it can be a complete steering wheel that has been designed and manufactured with a leather cover.

One of the main advantages of a > leather steering wheel is that leather is a natural product with a soft and warm feel, which still feels firm to the touch and affords a good grip, providing optimum control of the steering wheel. There are a large number of leather steering wheels and leather steering wheel covers that can be fitted to enhance a bare steering wheel or replace an existing wheel or cover.