Motor vehicles have sophisticated suspension systems, which incorporate the mechanism for the steering and suspension itself. An important part of the suspension system is the track control arm and on the front passenger side of the vehicle this is commonly described as the track control passenger’s front.

The principle role of the front passengers track control arm is to give the vehicle enhanced road holding capability and greater shock absorption. This is achieved by a combining the role of absorbing shock whilst, at the same time, keeping the wheels of the car firmly attached to the road surface. Ultimately, this provides a comfortable ride for both the driver and the passengers.

The efficiency of any track control arm is enhanced by the control arm bushings. These are also an essential part of the vehicle's suspension system. The track control arm passengers front bushings are located between the track control arm and the vehicle frame and have the ability to add increased dampening to the vibration that occurs between the frame and the wheels. This has the effect of cushioning to the ride eliminating driving noise and preventing metal on metal contact.

Indications that the track control arm or its bushings may be failing will be car handling problems, loose steering and uneven tyre wear. Shaking, banging or rattling noises may also be heard, particularly when trying to turn or brake. Replacement is the only possible choice when the track control arm passengers front components fail.