A control arm is most likely situated at the front of the vehicle (though occasionally, there are some control arms in the rear) and connects the front suspension of the vehicle to its frame using bushings and is attached to the wheels through ball joints. There are typically two control arms on a vehicle, but some will have four.

The control arm plays a key part in the vehicle’s suspension system as it is responsible for allowing tyres to move up and down freely and in line with the vehicle’s body. If a control arm needs replacing, the ride would be noticeably less smooth.

When a control arm wears down and needs to be replaced you may notice that your tyres are not wearing evenly, or wear quickly. It is also possible that a control arm may break if you drive over a large pothole or bump. In either of these events, the control arm should be replaced. It is also common for bushes and ball joints to be replaced at the same time if wear and tear is the cause.

After replacing a control arm your wheels should also be aligned.