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link rods are an essential part of a vehicle’s suspension system and there are four link rods that connect to the anti-roll bar in order to protect the vehicle against rolling when hitting bumps or holes in the road.

When the vehicle hits a bump in the road the anti-roll bar raises on the side of impact and twists. The force used when twisting the bar is transferred through the link rods and dispersed through the link rod ends which together act as a shock absorber. link rods are made from thin metal which means that they are prone to damage from the pressure transferred through them. They are connected to the vehicle using bushes which can be subject to deterioration through use.

Drivers should look out for a rattling or knocking noise coming from the vehicle. This tell-tale sound can indicate that there is an issue with either the link rod or the ball joint which connects it to the link rod end. Any damage to a link rod is classed as an MOT failure as it would weaken the vehicle’s suspension and should be immediately repaired.