The strut assembly is an essential part of your vehicle’s suspension system. It’s situated at the front of the vehicle and is attached to the front wheels of the vehicle. Its role is to help absorb shock and consists of a shock absorber with a piston and cylinder that contains either a liquid or gas. When driving over a bump in the road, the piston moves up and down against the gas or fluid and cushioning from the bump. A spring coil also forms part of the strut assembly and its aim is to keep your engine from experiencing vibrations during driving and provide you with a smooth ride.

Damage to the strut assembly is through general wear and tear and the strut assembly will begin to leak the gas or fluid inside. This can result in an unsteady ride and tyres will wear out more easily. Other symptoms of strut assembly wear are excessive body roll and hearing knocking noises when driving over bumps.

Should your vehicle need repairs to the strut assembly, it is worth knowing that struts should be replaced in pairs (front or rear).