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A suspension arm bolt kit is used to attach the front upper and front lower suspension arms to the chassis.

The suspension arms are an essential part of the vehicles suspension system. They consist of triangular shaped assemblies which are attached to the vehicle chassis using bushes and work in conjunction to hold the wheel in alignment. They attach at the top point to a spindle via ball joints, which in turn are attached to the wheel. The result of these parts working in motion is that you get a smooth controlled ride with the wheels moving in synchronicity with the rest of the vehicle and move up and down freely. When you hit a bump in the road, the suspension arm absorbs the pressure of the bump and ensures that the bottom of the tyre stays put.

Due to the manufacturing process of the factory’s own brand suspension arm bolts water can enter through the side of the bolt when in situ, which means that bolts are prone to rusting. This can cause issues when removing bolts as they have to be cut off and replaced. The suspension arm bolt kit provides a quality replacement.