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The hub caps wheel trims X3 is a set of three hub cap wheel trims ideal for the make and model of car. The hub cap wheel trim is a disc which covers the wheel hub and wheel fasteners, covering, on most steel wheels, the entire front of the wheel.

Hub cap wheel trims are usually made of tough plastic and clipped onto the wheel rim. The hub caps wheel trims X3 is a part that will cover the hubcap on three of the car wheels, directly shielding the wheel hub, which is in the centre section of the wheel, offering protection to the wheels as a whole.

The hub caps wheel trims X3 functions to protect the wheel hub and wheel fasteners, as well as the rest of the wheel, from rainwater, stones, dirt, grit and other road debris which can cause corrosion and damage. Hub cap wheel trims come in a variety of styles and designs, dependent upon the manufacturer, often displaying the badge or symbol of the car make and/or model, which adds to the overall style and look of the vehicle.

Subject to damage from road debris, stones, water and general wear and tear you will eventually need to replace the hub cap wheel trims on your vehicle. When only purchasing three hub cab wheel trims it's important to make sure they will match the other hub cap wheel trim on your car. It's also important to make sure you get the right size hub cap wheel trim for your car wheel and that it's a perfect fit for safety reason.  By purchasing a replacement hub caps wheel trims X3 you will be sure of a part that's a perfect match for the make and model of your car.