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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I order more than one part at a time?
Yes, once you’ve entered your reg and the part you’re looking for, you’ll see a button which will let you add other parts.
2. Are all sellers listed BreakerYard.com approved?
Yes, a seller has to be approved by BreakerYard.com before they can start providing quotes or selling using our system.
3. Does BreakerYard.com sell parts?
Nope. This is a pretty common misconception but we don’t sell parts ourselves. Think of us like a quote comparison site or eBay; you use our site to find and get in touch with sellers on our network. They are the ones who sell you the parts and they are completely separate companies.
4. What if PartFinder doesn’t recognise my registration number?
You can still use PartFinder by filling in the section that asks for your car details and identifying the car that way instead of with your registration.
5. What if I need the part delivered to somewhere outside the UK?
It is up to our sellers as to whether they deliver internationally but some of them do. You can still use our PartFinder just make sure you state clearly that you need the part to be delivered to a different country.
6. What if you don’t find my part first time?
Yup, parts can be sold out. And it can be a bit disheartening. But there’s always a fast rotation of stock with our sellers. We’d recommend resubmitting your request after 24 hours (we’ve made it easy for you to do from your account) because stock is changing quickly.
7. Is the service free?
Going through our PartFinder and getting quotes by email is 100% free. It’s great. When it comes to making quote requests over the phone though, we do charge 50p a minute (mobile calls will vary). We know that’s a bit rubbish but it’s kind of an important way of keeping our business going.
8. How can I make sure the breakers know exactly what part I’m looking for?
Use our helpful parts checklist (www.breakeryard.com/parts-checklist) to make sure you know just what to communicate to the sellers to help them get you the right part.
9. How many quote requests can I make?
As many as you want, as often as you want!
10. What’s your success rate at finding parts?
That really depends on what you’re looking for. We can’t guarantee that we have that specific part. But our network of sellers do have millions of parts in stock so the chances are pretty good that we can help you out.