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Cheap Ford Ka Car Parts

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History of Ford Ka

The Ford Ka is a small urban city car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company which was first introduced in 1996, and is still in production to this day. The name Ka is often pronounced in a number of different ways by different people, such as with a long "a", a short "a" or by pronouncing the letters separately. The Ka was a huge success for Ford, being named Small Car of the Decade at the CAP Awards in 2010 and ranking in the top 10 favourite city cars according to Autotrader. The Ford Ka was a great introduction into the small, city car market for Ford, with the original generation model being very well received. The second gen model shared a similar fun feel and good looks with its predecessor, although some felt the lack of engine choices let the Ka down.

First Generation Ford Ka (1996 - 2008)

In September 1996 Ford introduced the Ford Ka, as a smaller low-cost addition to the existing Ford line up. It was based loosely on the Mark IV Ford Fiesta platform but used a very different exterior design. The vehicle was made on the production line in Almussafes, Valencia, which was used for the Fiesta production in order to save on investment costs.

When the Ka was introduced to the public it provoked mixed reactions, due to its original and striking New Edge design that Ford enjoyed so much. Aside from the styling, which made the Ka so recognisable, it was praised in the motoring press for its great handling. The original Ka was one of the best selling cars in its class in the United Kingdom for a number of years, staking a claim on the city car market.

The Ka brand was developed in 2003 with the addition of the new SportKa and StreetKa models. The SportKa featured a sporty body kit with wider track with stiffened suspension. A convertible model called StreetKa was also launched at the same time, and first appeared at the Paris Motor Show. It featured a manual-folding soft top with the option of a detachable hardtop on the Winter Edition. Both models came with slightly wider bumpers with integral fog lamps.

According to Autocar the first gen Ford Ka reached over 1.4 homes, with more than half a million based in the UK.

Second Generation Ford Ka (2009 - Present)

In 2008 the European Ka people knew and loved was replaced with a shiny new model, produced for Ford by Fiat in conjunction with the Fiat 500 city car - one of the Ka''s competitors. Both cars are built at Fiat''s production plant in Tychy, Poland, alongside the Fiat Panda and Lancia Ypsilon.

With many structural similarities to the Fiat 500 one of the main mechanical differentiators between the new Ka and its Fiat sibling was shock absorption, with the Ka performing much better than the Fiat. The Ford was often praised as being much more fun to drive.

The new Ka maintained the curved styling features of its predecessor while introducing Ford''s Kinetic Design philosophy, described on the Ford website as "a fancy way of saying the car has the feeling of motion, even when it''s standing still". Ford promised a cabin featuring ''expressive colours'' with the second gen Ka, referring to the multichoice interior styling that was provided after the success of the Fiesta''s interior design. The new Ka performed well with regards to safety and was awarded an overall Euro NCAP safety rating of four stars when it was introduced in 2008, an improvement on the three stars awarded to the first gen model.


The original Ford Ka came equipped with a 1.3l Endura engine which was then replaced by the 1.3L overhead cam Duratec engine in 2002, which Ford claimed gave increased fuel efficiency and better overall refinement.

The second generation Ka came with a choice of two engines, either a 1.2 litre petrol with 69 PS (51 kW) of power and a 1.3 litre TDCi diesel engine with 75 PS (55 kW; 74 hp) of power. Both engines are supplied by Fiat and come with sub-120 g/km CO2 emissions.