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Our Ford suppliers have got warehouses fully stocked with Ford parts ready for sale so, please let us know what parts you need today so we can send you instant prices. All used parts also include a warranty so be sure to go for the best! Ford have a massive selection of models and we are sure to be holding the illusive Ford part you have been looking for that will fit your model. You can also find other helpful information here especially in our latest news section, where you can also leave a review of your car that you have been driving. we really encourage this to engage with other Ford drivers.

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While Ford today has a few brands like Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury under its wing, their history with Volvo, Jaguar and Aston-Martin is more than a foot-note in their history. All of Ford's models today have inherited values that those brand names and companies stand for. It sets Ford cars apart as rather well-engineered, technologically advanced cars that put equal emphasis on performance, practicality, safety and design. Here's an overview of what most modern Ford cars have in common.

Kinetic design:

The design language Ford uses in today’s models aims at making their cars look like they’re on the move even while standing still. The sleek front bumper with the X face incorporated into the grille make an attractive design that can be manipulated to suit each car's face and level of intensity they wish to portray. The new Ford Fiesta, Focus and even crossovers like the new Ecosport and Escape feature this design.

Ecoboost engines:

Like all other manufacturers, Ford aims to optimize their engine range with powerful, yet economical engines that are clean and efficient with little or no shortcomings. The Ecoboost line is one of the paramount aspects of their strategy. From a 1.0L 3-cylinder engine making over 120 hp to a 365 hp 3.5L V6 engine, the Ecoboost range is expanding and helping Ford replace larger less-efficient engines from their lineup.


Ford's range of cars on a global scale is astounding. Being one of the leading auto makers in the world, Ford has the ability to create market specific products that perfectly blend into the lifestyle in a particular part of the world. From the very practical compact Ford Ka in the UK, to the globally cherished Fiesta and Focus, Ford delivers cars that not just appeal to the senses, but are also fantastic packages overall, being durable, extremely practical and fun to drive as well as economical. The Explorer and Expedition SUVs are among the most practical and capable, not to mention large cars you can buy for a very reasonable amount of money.

Finding cheap Ford car parts

What this means for the car parts market is that used and refurbished original Ford parts are readily available from breakers up and down the country. The chances of locating spares on our network of breakers are very good for Ford parts, simply enter the vehicle information or your registration plate details in the part finder and you will receive detailed and competitively priced quotes for your car part from breakers who have the part in stock and ready for shipping within 24h. Have the spare part shipped to your home or directly to your mechanic or garage, it really is that simple.

Part delivery information and time

All parts quoted by our breakers and suppliers are available for shipping within 24 hours or next working day. The method and therefore the cost of shipping vary greatly between parts but will be included in the price quoted. Smaller parts such as wing mirrors or head lights can be safely posted with Royal Mail while larger or very heavy items will require specialist delivery.

Car parts can be delivered to your home or directly to your local garage or mechanic, this is particularly recommended for heavy and bulky items such as engines. Shipping and delivery details can be agreed directly with the breaker to best suit your requirements. For more detailed information on the latest models technical specifications, please visit the official Ford UK Website.

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History of Ford cars

As a brand Ford has always been known to be different in their approach to making cars; quite famously they are more focused on the driver. Every Ford car, from the Focus hatchback to the Ranger pickup truck, has an engaging quality to it so you always enjoy the drive. Ford has been the UK’s best-selling manufacturer for the past 20 years which makes spares and used parts readily available for all models, even the older Ford Cortina models or a 1978 Ford Granada.Since 1996, the Ford Fiesta or the Ford Focus have topped the table of the UK’s most sold car every single year. In the years before that, Ford always had at least two to three cars in the top 5 every single year with the Escort and the Mondeo being more popular at the time. In 2011, Ford sold 96,112 Fiestas and 81,832 Focus models in the UK beating Vauxhall and Volkswagen hands-down.