Silverlake Garage

A family concern since 1946

Silverlake was established in 1946 and to this day remains under the management of Allen Prebble, son of the founder, Norman Prebble. The company has expanded significantly in recent years with the introduction of a Silverlake retail unit in Southampton, continuous investment at the main 10 acre site in Shedfield, Hampshire, the launch of online store, self-service autoparts facility - U-Pick-It and a scheme to support charitable causes - U-Donate-A-Car.

The Silverlake group of companies offer a wide range of services, from vehicle recovery, daily breakers and auctions, salvage and recycled car parts through to full environmentally friendly recycling of End of Life Vehicles (ELV) at our Authorised Treatment Facility in Hampshire.

Silverlake help drive down the cost of motoring, with each car on average sold 5 times during its life - each owner using more recycled parts, which from Silverlake can cost up to 80% less than OEM parts.


Investments & Partnerships with the local community

Silverlake has established a number of partnerships with local councils, authorities and public services bodies. In particular Silverlake hold contracts with Hampshire County Council, Southampton City Council and Portsmouth City Council - for vehicle recovery and disposal.

Supporting the Hampshire community through sponsorship of events, clubs and organisations is a key objective of the Silverlake group of companies. Additionally we support Hampshire based schools, colleges, Hampshire Fire & Rescue services, and various military bases in the area; supplying vehicles for training and educational purposes.

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