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Cheap Ford Transit Car Parts

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History of Ford Transit

The Ford Transit is a light commercial van that has been in production since 1965. The Transit was initially designed for European consumption, but is now also produced in Asia and North America for buyers across the globe. It has become so popular that in some countries the term "transit" has passed into common usage as a term for light commercial vans. It was the best selling van in 2014 and has been the best selling light commercial vehicle in Europe for the past 40 years. The Transit has won multiple awards, such as International Van of the Year. Ford''s Transit has won this award a total of five times. Production of the Ford Transit originally took place at Ford''s Langley facility in Berkshire. However the demand outgrew the site''s capabilities, so production had to move to Southampton, where Ford manufactures a variety of Transit body types. Each Transit style has proven popular, with the Transit itself winning multiple awards as well as the ''Transit Custom'', which was the second best selling van in 2014, just behind the standard Transit.

First Generation Ford Transit (1965 To 1978)

The first generation Transit was first introduced in the UK in October 1965. Featuring an American looking design and a wide body, the Transit was an exciting new model on the market. Some might say it was a revelation. A number of parts used for the Transit came from Ford''s car range, making the vehicle more refined, easier to drive and more simple to care for. The Transit was an instant hit, gaining popularity partly due to its conveniently wide range of body styles, giving buyers a choice of a pickup, minibus, panel van, crew cab versions and more.

Second Generation Ford Transit (1978 To 1986)

The facelifted version of the Transit, the MkII, got a new nose and updated interior. A number of upgrades were introduced with the second generation Transit across the eight years of production. This includes minor trim changes and the introduction of an automatic transmission. Numerous styles were on offer again, including a chassis cab and typical panel van.

Third Generation Ford Transit (1968 To 1991)

Marking the debut of an all new Transit platform the third generation featured a distinctively slanted windscreen, matching the angle of the new bonnet and simple box like design. This Transit become a very recognisable model. Short wheelbase versions of the Mk3 got a modern independent front suspension system, which helped improve the ride quality and handling. Load space, access and visibility were improved. It was a big upgrade.

Fourth Generation Ford Transit (1991 To 1994)

The Mk IV Transit featured only slight changes to the exterior. However there were other interesting changes and upgrades, including fully independent front suspension which was introduced across the whole range. Ford also now offered a single wheel rear axle instead of a paired rear wheel setup with long wheelbase models.

Fifth Generation Ford Transit (1994 To 2003)

There was not much of a difference in terms of design with the fifth generation Transit. It did however come with a new dashboard and front end styling. A number of notable options were introduced, such as air conditioning, central locking, airbags, and electric windows and mirrors.

Sixth Generation Ford Transit (2000 To 2006)

The sixth generation Ford Transit was introduced in July 2000. This Transit was the third ''all new'' platform in the range, available in either front or rear wheel drive, which was a first for a Transit. This was popular with buyers as it gave them a choice between a lower loading height and more space, or improved towing and load carrying capabilities.

Seventh Generation Ford Transit (2006 To Present)

Launched in 2006, the seventh generation Transit features a number of upgrades. This includes a facelift and revamped, comfortable interior. Ford also released a Sport Van. The Mk7 has become one of the most popular and reliable vans on the market.


The first generation''s engine varies in size from 1.3 litres to a powerful 3.3 litres. The second generation saw the introduction of the Pinto engine from the Cortina. Ford also saw the first of the ''fast'' Transits, packing the Essex V6. In 1984, Ford introduced further upgrades including a direct injection diesel engine. Engines offered with the Mk IV were generally the same as before, with both petrol and diesels on offer. However the 3.0 litre Essex V6 was replaced with the more modern 2.9 litre fuel injected Cologne unit.

The fourth generation Ford Transit offered a turbocharged diesel engine, which was a first in the Transit''s lifespan. The Mk V Transit came with a range of updated engines, available in both petrol and diesel. There was also a special 30th anniversary edition, called the Hallmark. The Mk VI Transit offered a huge range of engines, including 2.0 litre petrol and diesels for the front wheel drive models. The seventh generation offers new TDCi engines that improve economy and emissions