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History of Iveco Daily

The Iveco Daily is the multi-award winning large light commercial van that''s been produced by Iveco since 1978. Iveco is an Italian industrial vehicle manufacturer that''s best known for building HGVs and specialist commercial vehicles; the Daily is the smallest vehicle produced by the manufacturer. Its roots in heavy vehicles is reflected in the Daily''s construction, with the use of a separate ladder frame. The Daily is a stalwart member of the Iveco lineup. It has been produced since 1978 and has won numerous awards along the way including What Van? Large Van of the Year and International Van of the Year.

First generation Iveco Daily (1978 - 1990)

When the first Iveco Daily was produced, two models were available: the 35 (3.5 tonnes) and the 50 (5.0 tonnes). The Daily 50 had a load capacity of up to 17 cubic meters. In 1985, a turbodiesel named "TurboDaily" was added to the lineup.

Second generation Iveco Daily (1990 - 2000)

The second generation Iveco Daily had improved engines and a completely revised cab. Due to Iveco and Ford entering into a joint venture, the Daily 35 was removed from the market as it was in direct competition with the Ford Transit.

A 1996 facelift brought slight exterior changes and a new 2.8 L engine with 103 bhp. Within this generation the 59-12 chassis cabs and panel vans were launched, as were the 59-13 minibus models. 4x4 variants of the Iveco Daily were also made available.

Third generation Iveco Daily (2000 - 2006)

When the new third generation Iveco Daily was launched it was met with critical acclaim, winning International Van of the Year in 2000. This van had a new light cluster and updated styling. The TurboDaily name was dropped as all turbodiesels were now common rail units. Iveco also launched the Agile with an automatic gearshift and CNG, a natural gas version. The Daily 65 and Daily 26 were also introduced to the lineup, increasing the choice of load classes.

At launch three variants of a type 8140 2.8 L diesel engine were available; suction, turbocharged and common rail. In 2003 the F1A engine was released, being a 2.3 L second-generation common rail unit, and in 2004 a new F1C 3.0 L engine based on F1A with a timing chain was made available. At this time, the old 8140 engine was completely replaced.

Fourth generation Iveco Daily (2006 - 2014)

The fourth gen Daily took on a whole new look from the Giugiaro design house. Available from mid-2006, the new Iveco Daily was sold as Van, Cabin Cruiser, Combi, Minibus, Agile and CNG variants. From 2007, a four-wheel drive version was available for the first time since 2000. This was a joint venture with SCAM, and both single and double cab versions were available. The Mk4 Iveco Daily was available with a range of engines ranging from 89 to 174 bhp.

A facelift model was introduced in June 2011 and was available to buy from September of the same year. These came with Euro 5 and EEV engines varying in power.

Fifth generation Iveco Daily (2014 - present)

The latest Iveco Daily was introduced in July 2014 with a range of Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. It has larger load volumes and payload, and improved driver comfort and fuel economy compared to the previous generation. All variants have a six-speed transmission, with the automatic Agile being an option. According to Auto Express, the fifth generation Iveco Daily brings "big truck know-how to the panel van market".

There are six gross weights, five load lengths and three load heights available, offering load volumes ranging from 7.4 to 19.6 cubic meters. The fifth generation Daily was awarded 2015 International Van of the Year.