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History of Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee has a long-running history throughout the world, living through a number of different generations, names and incarnations depending on the market in which it was to be sold. The first model available in the UK was the Cherokee XJ, which was released in RHD back in 1993. Since then there has been a number of different models, although production ceased back in 2010 due to the bankruptcy of the parent company Chrysler. The most recent Cherokee was released in 2014, as a mid-size crossover SUV model. The Jeep Cherokee has a long history, developing greatly over the years. The latest model is said to offer buyers something a little different to other small SUVs on the market, with eye-catching aerodynamic looks which take obvious inspiration from the Italian influence now evident within parent company Chrysler.

Jeep Cherokee XJ (1993 - 2001)

This generation of the Jeep Cherokee was the first model to be sold for the UK market, when RHD models became available back in 1993. During the lifespan of this model Cherokee both two- and four-door versions were offered, both of which had the same track and wheelbase measurements. However, the two-door models did have longer doors and front seats that had the option of folding forward to help with passengers getting in and out of the vehicle. They also had longer windows in the rear, although they did not open.

These early models had a 4.0 L six-cylinder engine, with a 2.5 L engine launched for European markets later on in 1995. To accommodate the large 4.0 L engine the firewall on the model had to be notched.

This generation of the Cherokee was available until 2001, when it was discontinued. It was replaced by the Cherokee KJ, which was known under the same name in Europe despite sharing very little similarities with this original model.

Jeep Cherokee KJ (2002 - 2007)

The next generation of the Jeep Cherokee to be made available to UK buyers was known as the KJ. It was called the Jeep Cherokee outside of North America, although it was known as the Jeep Liberty within the USA. It was launched during the 2002 model year. Some of the earlier models from this generation were fitted with a 2.5 L VM Motori diesel engine, with an external wastegated turbo fitted as standard. A manual-only transmission was also fitted as standard.

This KJ model was assembled in a number of locations dependent on where it was meant to be sold. These locations included the Toledo North Assembly Plant in the US, Egypt and Venezuela.

Jeep Cherokee KL (2014 - present)

The most recent model of the Jeep Cherokee line is known as the Cherokee KL. This vehicle was designed to be a crossover SUV of the mid-sized range. It was first unveiled at the New York International Auto Show, with sales starting towards the end of 2013/2014.

This KL model was the first Jeep vehicle to use the Fiat Compact/Compact US Wide platform, which was a project co-developed between Chrysler and Fiat. This model was also assembled at the Toledo North Assembly Plant in Ohio. According to Autocar, the fit and finish of the overall interior design is better than any of the previous Cherokee models on the market, with sensibly-positioned controls - although stiff competition is everywhere in this category, with BMW and Land Rover offering excellent premium examples and Ford and Hyundai offering very popular alternatives.

All KL model Cherokees come with MacPherson struts to the front with multi-link suspension at the rear, choosing to adopt electric power instead of the traditional hydraulic set up in the steering. The engine comes from Fiat, offering a 2.0 L Multijet diesel four-cylinder unit with either 138 or 168 bhp.