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History of Renault Scenic

The Renault Scenic is a compact MPV that has been in production since 1996. It has won multiple awards, including European Car of the Year in 1997. So far there have been three generations of the Scenic, giving buyers an extensive selection of specifications to choose from, including a wide range of efficient engines. It''s a roomy five seat MPV that is known to be strong on quality, offering its owners a reliable driving performance. The Renault Scenic is known for its practical interior, five and seven seat options and overall good value for money. Warranty Direct ranked the Scenic 15th out of 52 MPVs. This was based on a number of reliability factors, including the number of times a car fails, how much repairs cost and how long the vehicles spends off road due to the repairs.

First Generation Renault Scenic (1996 To 2003)

The first generation Renault Scenic is mechanically identical to the Megane Scenic, which was a concept car designed under the supervision of Anne Asensio. Buyers have the choice of a wide range of engines, including 1.4 litres and 2.0 litre petrol and diesel engines. The Scenic was restyled in 1999, introducing newer 16 valve engines. The facelift also introduced redesigned rear lights.

Second Generation Renault Scenic (2003 To 2009)

The Mk2 was launched in 2003, as was a seven seater version called the "Grand Scenic". This offered a longer wheelbase and rear overhang, which had two small child-sized seats in the enlarged luggage area. The second generation Scenic featured Renault''s latest corporate styling. It had an extensive list of features, including the new keyless immobiliser known as the ''Renault Card", as well as an automatic parking brake with some trim levels.

The Mk2 also includes folding rear passenger seats with an integrated table, a folding front passenger seat with some trim levels and automatic headlights. It was quite a step up in terms of standard equipment. The second generation Scenic underwent a slight facelift in 2006. The facelift included a redesigned grille section, larger diamond badge and the addition of a "Scenic" word badge on the boot.

Third Generation Renault Scenic (2009 To Present)

The Scenic Mk3 was released in July 2009. A seven seater version of the third generation was made exclusively for countries like France and the Netherlands, whereas in the UK we were limited to buying five seater Scenics. The Mk3 was much the same as the previous version, offering buyers a large number of great features.