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History of Renault Twingo

Now in its third generation, the Twingo was a model that proved Renault still had the power to sell big in the small car market. Although not available in the UK, the original Twingo was a bold move, with Autocar calling it "more desirable than a Fiat Panda, more modern than a Mini and beating the Ford Ka to the market by several years.". The latest generation of Twingo in particular has created a big talking point within the city car market, most notably for its change to a rear-engined layout, which helps to boost interior space and improve overall maneuverability.

Twingo II (2007 - 2014)

Renault first launched the Twingo as an innovative new city car in 1992, although it was not made available in the UK. It did however prove to be a hit throughout Europe.

The French carmaker then launched the second gen model as a concept at the 2006 Mondial de l''Automobile, before its official launch at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. The Twingo II used the floorplan of the Mk2 Renault Clio, offering improved crash protection and availability in both LHD and RHD, unlike the original model. Production initially began in France, before moving to the Revoz plant in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Renault facelifted the Twingo Mk2 in 2011, before unveiling the updated model at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It featured updated fascias and redesigned front and rear light clusters, creating a new design language that the French carmaker continued to use moving forward. Following this relaunch in 2011, Parker''s named the Twingo the Best City Car at its New Car Awards.

Twingo III (2014 - Present)

The third gen Twingo launched in 2014, with its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show. Production started the same year, once again at the plant in Novo Mesto, before launching around September of 2014.

This most recent version of the Twingo is 100mm shorter than its predecessor, with a drastic design change - moving to a rear-engined layout. This made the Twingo stand out against competitors such as the Peugeot 108 and the VW Up, both of which are front-engined. This rear-engined layout improves the space within the car, boosting legroom for rear passengers, although it does cause a reduction in boot space. It also enhances maneuverability and enables the front wheels to turn through a full 45 degrees, giving the car a market-leading turning circle of just 8.6m.

The latest Twingo was developed in conjunction with Daimler''s Smart, undoubtedly one of the market leaders in the small car world. The Mk3 shares a platform with the Smart ForFour, which is also built at the same factory in Slovenia, and is based around a five-door body style using rear-wheel drive transmission. This is a big step away from its front-engined, three-door predecessors. It uses MacPherson strut suspension on the front axle with a De Dion tube for the rear. There is no automatic option when it comes to the Twingo transmission, with all models using a five-speed manual gearbox.

In 2014 the Renault Twingo was awarded a four-star safety rating during Euro NCAP testing, with a 78% adult occupant score and an 81% child occupant score.