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History of SEAT Alhambra

SEAT first launched the Alhambra in 1996, as a large MPV to add to its existing line up. The Alhambra was designed to compete against the Renault Espace, Citroen C8 and Peugeot 807. It was manufactured at VW''s AutoEuropa plant in Palmela, Portugal, sharing the same platform as the VW Sharan and Ford Galaxy. The Alhambra name was chosen from the Alhambra of Granada monument in Spain. SEAT gathered an impressive collection of awards with this launch, including What Car? Best MPV on the Market award three years running. The SEAT Alhambra has been a popular move for the Spanish carmaker, making its mark across the world. Reviewers praised the spacious and practical nature of the Alhambra, with What Car? noticing that prices are lower than the VW Sharan - which is almost identical. Some find the sheer size of the Alhambra a challenge to park, however.

First Generation SEAT Alhambra (1996 - 2009)

The first prototype of the SEAT Alhambra was revealed at the Geneva Salon International de l''Auto in 1995. The production model of the Alhambra was then launched at the same motor show the following year. Many of the components used in the SEAT, as well as the design, were shared with the first generation VW Sharan and the first gen Ford Galaxy. The Alhambra was often thought to offer the most options and features for the its price. The Alhambra, Sharan and Galaxy were all built at the plant in Portugal, and essentially were the same vehicle with the different engine options.

The Alhambra featured seven seats, with the five seats in the rear having the option to be folded down or unclipped to enable them to be removed completely, giving impressive space in the rear. Removing the seats also meant that the rear load space of the Alhambra was an entirely flat space, something that was a unique feature for the Spanish marque at the time.

Second Generation SEAT Alhambra (2010 - Present)

In April 2010 SEAT announced that the second generation Alhambra would be going on sale later that same year. This second gen model was around 22 cm longer than its predecessor, as well as being 9cm wider. As with the new version of the Sharan, its sister vehicle, the Mk2 Alhambra has sliding doors to give easier access to the middle row of seats.

A four wheel drive version of the SEAT Alhambra was presented in 2011, which combined permanent all-wheel drive with a 2.0 L TDI diesel engine and a six-speed manual gearbox.

This vehicle was reviewed incredibly well by the British motoring press, with What Car? calling it "one of the best MPVs you can buy". Auto Express also praised the Alhambra for its efficiency and practicality, with plenty of legroom, decent boot space and flexible seating arrangements. They also say that although the Alhambra and the VW Sharan are mechanically identical the SEAT comes out on top when it comes to styling, with clean, simple bodywork and plenty of features.

In 2010 the SEAT Alhambra was reviewed under the Euro NCAP testing scheme, where it achieved an excellent five-star overall safety rating. Safety features are abundant on the new Alhambra, including seven airbags.