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We can help you to find new, reconditioned and used Skoda parts from breakers across the country. Search our nationwide network of independent breakers for the part you need using our simple Find a Part box. To locate parts for your Skoda Superb start by choosing one of the part categories in the link below. Many Skoda spares will be available to buy now. For other parts, you will hear back from the independent breakers in our network with some quotes to give you a wider choice. It doesn''t matter if you need a Skoda Superb gearbox or engine, or simply switches or wing mirrors, all spare car parts are thoroughly checked, fully guaranteed for at least a month, and ready for delivery to your home or garage.

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History of Skoda Superb

Skoda first launched the Superb in 2001, as a large family car to add to its lineup. The Superb is currently the biggest and most luxurious model in the Czech car manufacturer''s lineup, and is now in its third generation. A lot of the ideas for the Superb, including the platform used in the first and second generation, were taken from the Volkswagen Passat. The Superb was awarded a number of accolades, including Luxury Car of the Year 2009 by Top Gear Magazine and coming 4th overall in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The Skoda Superb was designed to take Skoda to a stylish new level when it came to the family car market. As the Czech marque''s flagship model it was intended to offer all of the luxury and refinement people would expect from a premium saloon, paired with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

First Generation Skoda Superb (2001 - 2008)

The Skoda Superb was first launched in 2001, using the B5 platform first seen a few years earlier on the Shanghai-Volkswagen Passat B5 LWB, which boasts a 10cm longer wheelbase than the standard Passat B5. The platform is also used for some of the Audi A4 generations.

A number of different petrol and diesel engines are shared between the Superb and other vehicles within the Volkswagen Group collection. The engines are mounted at the front of the vehicle, with a longitudinal orientation. Five- and six-speed manual gearboxes or a five-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox were offered.

In 2006 a minor facelift was seen across the Superb range, allowing Skoda to incorporate its new radiator grille and headlights. Side repeater indicators were now integrated into the door mirrors, with tail lights similar to those seen on other Skoda models like the Roomster and the Octavia.

Second Generation Skoda Superb (2008 - 2015)

In 2008 the Mk2 Skoda Superb was first launched at the Geneva Motor Show. This second gen model was based on the A5 Octavia platform, and came in the form of a five-door vehicle with the ability to seat five. It boasted a rear door that could double as a regular separate saloon boot as well as a full liftback version known as a ''Twindoor''.

This Mk2 model now uses a transverse engine layout, with four petrol engines sourced from other Volkswagen Group models. With this generation came the introduction of the Superb Combi, a five door estate model which was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. It featured an impressively spacious interior, with a 633 L boot capacity. The popular Direct Shift Gearbox was offered with either six- or seven-speed transmission as an option on almost all combinations of trims and engines. The other five- and six-speed manual gearboxes were also offered.

According to statistics the 3.6 FSI 4x4 model Superb is the fast production car currently made by Skoda.

Third Generation Skoda Superb (2015 - Present)

In 2015 the Mk3 Skoda Superb was announced in time for the spring Geneva Motor Show. The production of the third gen Superb then started towards the middle of the same year. This generation saw an overall increase in size when compared to its predecessor, increasing by 4861 mm in length and 1864 mm in width.

A new generation of direct-injection turbocharged engines were introduced with this generation, including an all four-cylinder lineup which was intended to focus on giving low running costs without compromising on power. The entry-level model is a 1.4 TSI offering 123 bhp, with a more powerful 2.0 TSI offered with either 217 bhp or 276 bhp providing a less economical option.