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Volkswagen Bora (1999 - 2006)

Volkswagen launched the Bora in 1999, replacing the earlier Volkswagen Vento for European markets. VW chose to stick with their theme of wind-related names for their vehicles, with a bora being a winter wind which blows over the Adriatic Sea. However, in North America and certain other countries Volkswagen decided to stick with the Jetta name, previously used on a Bora predecessor, due to its existing popularity in those markets.

The Bora was unveiled shortly after the Passat, which it shared certain styling cues with. The Bora is also based on the endlessly popular VW Golf, taking components such as the interior design, steering capabilities and range of diesel engines that combine the best of performance and economy in one package. The Bora saw a turn to a more rounded overall style for VW, moving away from traditional sharp angles for a more curved appeal.

Many motoring reviewers praised the Bora for its good all round capabilities, with Parker''s saying that it injected some "much-needed style into the small family saloon sector". According to What Car? one engine in particular stood out in the impressive line up, being the 1.9 L TDI. Post-2001 models with 130 bhp were a popular choice for those looking for increased performance, while the 1.8 L turbo was praised for offering a good drive quality. The high-powered 2.3 L V5 was less successful however, with a What Car? reviewer saying that refinement on the engine is poor.

Some high spec options were available as optional extras for the Bora, including rain sensor controlled windscreen wipers and automatic climate control, although the high price of these extras put many buyers off. For the second-hand market many Boras are from the more basic end of the model range as a result. The entry-level S models came with air con, central locking and electric windows, while the mid range SE trim added a trip computer, alloys and alarm. A Sport variant lowered the suspension and added the option of a CD player.

Safety on the fourth generation cars was a high priority for Volkswagen, with What Car? stating that the Bora achieved a four-star rating during Euro NCAP safety testing. It is recommended that post-2002 models are preferable, however, as electronic skid prevention comes as standard.

History of Volkswagen Bora

Volkswagen first launched the Bora in 1999, as a step into the sporty saloon market. Designed to rival the BMW 3 Series, the Bora was based on the VW Golf and shared some of its better attributes, including a stylishly spacious interior and funky driving style, balancing performance and economy through its wide range of gutsy engines. According to What Car? there have been a number of suspension, brake, fuel pump and passenger airbag issues over the years, so its a good idea to make sure all recalls affecting your Bora have been addressed. If the worst happens then is on hand to help you to fix up your Bora for the best possible price. The Volkswagen Bora was a largely successful vehicle for the German manufacturer, praised for its great driving style and wide range of engines. As with many Volkswagen vehicles the Bora boasted impeccable attention to detail both inside and out, giving drivers very little to complain about when it came to reviews.