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If you’re looking to buy Volkswagen car parts online, you’ve come to the right place. works with independent breakers throughout the UK, making it possible for us to provide a service which offers convenience for anyone looking to find affordable deals on Volkswagen spares.

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Finding used VW parts at the best price

Searching Breakeryard’s UK network of car dismantlers and scrap yards is very straight forward. Just fill your vehicle registration or the details of your car at the very top of this page or our easy to use part finder and get quotes from breakers holding your part ready to ship within 24 hours. The breakers are effectively quoting you blind, not knowing what others are quoting for the same price. In order to secure the business, they will try to offer the most attractive price including shipping cost this driving the cost of the part down to where it really should be.

Part Delivery information and time

All parts quoted by our breakers and scrap yards area available for shipping within 24 hours or next working day. The method and therefore the cost of shipping vary greatly between parts but will be included in the price quoted. Smaller parts such as wing mirrors or head lights can be safely posted with Royal Mail while larger or very heavy items will require specialist delivery.

Car parts can be delivered to your home or directly to your local garage or mechanic, this is particularly recommended for heavy and bulky items such as engines. Shipping and delivery details can be agreed directly with the breaker to best suit your requirements.

For more info on the latest cars, technical specifications please visit the VW’s official Website.

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History of Volkswagen Cars

The Volkswagen Group is one of the most globally recognised manufacturers in the motoring industry. Having produced many of the world’s most iconic vehicles, Volkswagen has built a strong reputation for high quality, efficient and reliable motors since it was established in 1937. Popular vehicles from Volkswagen over the years include the VW Transporter, Beetle and Golf. The brand has come a long way since the first two VW Beetles were sold in the UK in 1952. Today, Volkswagen UK is one of the largest vehicle importers in the country.