Monday 6th July 2020
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All About The Accelerator

It is tempting to think that the accelerator does all the work as far as pushing a car is concerned.  However, there are many more parts in play!  However, the accelerator is still a crucial component in the basic running of your car. 

The accelerator, essentially, helps to regular engine fuel.  Therefore, it also helps to dictate how fast your car moves, as a result of regulating engine speed.  It is seemingly one of the simplest components in a car, with three main parts – a pedal, a cable and a rod.

How An Accelerator Works

An accelerator works by controlling engine air flow.  By pressing down on the accelerator pedal, which is the main facet of the acceleration system, you are dictating how fast your car travels.  Pressing the pedal will, effectively, open up the throttle valve, which will then let air to enter the engine.  The engine itself will then regulate the fuel it receives in line with the air you let in.

You do not need to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal at all times, as it only ever needs a light push to increase speed.  However, as with all other car parts, it is subject to wear and tear over time.  Unlike other pedals, the accelerator is unlikely to get stuck, though it may occur in extremely rare circumstances.

In some cases, you will be able to control the speed of a car through cruise control, which automates the process.  This involves a vacuum pump system which can often be more complex than the basic acceleration rod and throttle systems you find in most vehicles!

The accelerator rod itself is a crucial part as it is what will connect your pedal to the throttle valve.  However, as it is a commonly used part, it is subject to just as much wear and tear as everything else.

Accelerator Problems

As one of the crucial facets of all cars, accelerator problems must be attended to as soon as physically possible.  If you start to notice that your pedal is sticking, or that it is noting springing back as readily as it should, it will be time for you to consult a mechanic or repairperson at your local service centre.

You should also be aware that the internal parts of the accelerator will also erode or corrode over time, particularly through extensive use.  You will normally be able to spot problems with the rod, valves or other moving parts if it is getting harder for you to regulate your speed through the pedal.

Accelerator problems are generally solved by replacing parts outright.  Therefore, you must contact your local service centre as soon as possible if you notice any difficulties in using your accelerator!

Don’t Suffer in Silence

It can be tempting to leave your accelerator to fester if you feel it is not as important as your clutch or brakes.  However, you should never let your accelerator pedal or internal parts suffer.  Make sure to get in touch with a repair centre as soon as you can.