Tuesday 1st October 2019
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Are You Keeping Your Car Safe Enough?


Plenty of drivers probably feel they are doing enough to secure their vehicles at night, or when they park up.  However, quickly pressing your beeper may not be enough!  In a world where car theft continues to run rife, there are more ways than ever before to beat back the threat of criminal activity.  With this in mind, it makes sense to get clued up on how to completely defend your car from would-be thieves and vandals.

Do You Have Central Locking?

This may sound fairly daft in this day and age, but there are still vehicles out there which don’t have central locking.  There are many more which don’t have working locking in this manner, too.  Always make sure that one or two presses on your fob, or a twist of the lock, does enough to secure all doors.  It’s a modern faculty we all depend on, but when it’s faulty, it can be a nightmare to live with.  Always get faulting central locking looked into.

Use a Car Alarm

Car alarms, let’s be fair, can be annoying.  However, despite some alarms being extremely sensitive, they are becoming more intelligent.  What’s more, they have always worked as a fantastic deterrent.  Once a car alarm sounds, all potential wrongdoing dissipates.  Make sure your car is fitted with a loud, piercing alarm that’s easy to manage and which will likely put criminals’ noses out of joint.

Use Smart Security Controls

Some modern cars and dashboards will allow you to take greater control over your car security than ever before.  While you may feel that these add-ons are a little bit over the top, they exist to protect you.  If you’re already a big fan of bells and whistles, you may have already put dashboard security to great use.  If not, don’t ever be afraid to dive deep into security controls.  They’re getting harder and harder to suss out.

Use Stickers and Alerts

While car trackers and other security measures will likely do enough for you on their own, you should always highlight your security standards.  Put up stickers that state your car is fitted with an alarm, or that you are using a tracker to make sure it is fully secured.  In all likelihood, this will deter any would-be thief to look for a less risky alternative to pilfer.

Go for Physical Lockdown

If all else fails, really make sure you go all-out on locking down your car.  This includes using a heavy duty, physical steering wheel lock, or even your own clamp.  Anything that looks big, bulky and hard to remove will automatically deter negative attention.  What’s more, it’s extra peace of mind for you.

Use Your Head

You can never be too careful when it comes to securing your car.  If you don’t think you’ve locked your vehicle properly, always double-check.  Do also make sure you ask any industry experts what they think about keeping on top of car safety.  It won’t cost you much!