Saturday 10th June 2017
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Car on road centered on tyre

Legally, your tyres should have at least 1.6mm of tread but many manufacturers recommend replacing tyres once their tread depth is below 3mm. Any less than that and the tyre may not be safe, especially around sharp corners and in hazardous conditions. As well has having sufficient tread, your tyres are legally required to not have:

  • Any cuts or bulges.
  • More wear on one side of the tyre than the other.
  • Any splitting in the wall of the tyre.
  • Different tread patterns/types fitted to opposite sides of the same axle. (E.g. having 2 winter tyres and 2 summer tyres on the same axle.)

Any of these issues could cost you a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre and even get 3 points added to your license!


We’ve all been there, though, a stray piece of debris on the road damages your tyre or an old, worn-out tyre becomes threadbare. Replacing it can cost anywhere from £25 up to several hundred pounds depending on your car. These costs can quickly mount up to many hundreds of pounds when you have to replace an entire set of tyres.


Despite the costs, though, replacing your tyres once they become unsafe is legally required. You should be checking your tyres regularly for cuts or bulges, especially if you feel that the handling is impaired.


Once you know that you need new tyres, it can be tough to decide which tyres you want to buy. There are plenty of options out there that all have their own pros and cons:

  • Part-worn/Used Tyres can range from a nearly new tyre to a tyre with 5mm of tread. They are fully regulated by trading standards, so you’ll be able to get good use out of them before they need replacing. They’re much cheaper than new tyres and are a useful stop gap if you need to wait before buying a more expensive set.
  • Remould Tyres are made using old tyres that have worn threads. The tyres have their damaged thread and sidewall removed in a multiple step process before having new rubber moulded to them. This rubber is then re-threaded using heat and pressure to create a new tyre. They are tested and regulated by the ECE, who ensure that they are road legal and made to the highest standards.
  • New Tyres are the most expensive option when it comes to purchasing new tyres.


When you’re looking for a new tyre, deciding where to go is difficult. Don’t rule out a breaker yard when looking to save money on replacement tyres. The prices will be lower than the competition and the quality will be as good or better.


At Breakeryard, we can put you in touch with breakers that can sell you second hand and part worn tyres at a significant saving on the typical market price! Through our part finder, we can ensure that you are getting into contact with a breaker that has the tyres you need for your exact vehicle model.


Whilst new tyres and remoulds have their time and place, we can’t always plan for when we’re going to need to replace our tyres. Purchasing spare or replacement tyres through a breaker is a cheap and effective alternative that can save you money and effort whilst also providing excellent quality and service.


To find out how much you could save on your next set of tyres today, take a look at our tyres page or enter your information into our part finder.