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Can Solar Cars Drive Us Into the Future?
The use of solar power in the UK has been growing. Edie reports that the country’s total installed capacity is now 14GW, and it is predicted to rise to 40GW by 2030 to try to reach the net-zero initiative. This is a considerable amount of power being generated by solar energy. With the country pushing to lessen emissions, could we see electric cars that are 100% solar-powered on UK roads soon?

Solar-Powered Cars Today

Automotive World recently reported on Lightyear’s prototype, Light Year One. The car was able to travel 710 km. This is the farthest distance an electric car has gone on a small battery, which means that it may be possible for cars to be driven for months on end before having to be re-charged.

Many European brands are also creating their own solar-powered vehicles, opening up the possibility for solar-powered cars to become a popular option on the market. This prediction isn’t farfetched, considering electronic vehicles have become popular all over the world. But while electric vehicles are limited by the amount of electricity that they can hold, solar powered cars will be able to use an unlimited source of energy.

Trends in Vehicular Solar Energy

According to an article from Forbes, solar panels that can absorb 125% of solar energy are being made. This means that they are developing panels that are more efficient for vehicles. A solar panel that can absorb energy despite being cloudy is also being developed, which is ideal for the UK, as it isn’t known as the sunniest place. This will be a game-changer for solar cars to become mainstream and readily available on the market.

Aside from this, it seems that with the current technology being developed, switching to a solar-powered vehicle will save owners a lot of money. Our post on running an electric car outlined how those who use the Economy 7 tariff can charge during the night and use solar energy as a backup during the day. The combination of nighttime charging and solar energy is much cheaper than filling a car with petrol. This is a positive factor will hopefully affect consumers when considering whether or not to purchase their future car.

Is the Future Solar?

The popularity of solar energy has been progressing steadily, with Hoymiles detailing how solar energy is accessible to everyone. More and more people are now looking to become sustainable. And with their car being one of their biggest carbon footprints, they will be looking at eco-friendly options for their future purchases. With the technology catching up to the needs of the market, it seems that a future with solar-powered vehicles is within reach and inevitable.

Using solar-powered vehicles also aligns with the goals of the government to fully eliminate the country’s carbon emissions. This may mean that it is possible for the government to require all people to convert to using solar-powered vehicles.

With the government building their solar energy sources, and immense progress in the development of solar-powered vehicles, it seems that cars powered by solar energy are the future. For more info on the future of the automobile industry do check out our other posts on Breaker Yard.

Written by Giselle Chelly Anderson
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