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Car parts you can easily replace before your next MOT




There’s no shame in not being totally comfortable with a spanner in your hand. Not everyone’s a natural mechanic, and even if you are, the era of stripping cars down easily and having a tinker is growing an ever more distant memory.


Today’s cars are increasingly run on a network of interlinked ECUs (electronic control units), the comprehension of which is beyond us, mere mortals. You’re also unlikely to get down on your haunches and replace a worn brake caliper, but there are still plenty of simple parts that can help you avoid a stinging MOT defeat if replaced in time.


That’s why you should let trusted car part finders like and eBay be your friend these are The UK’s biggest marketplaces and they have over thousands and millions of live listings for car parts and accessories alone. They have a large base of trusted sellers and recognised brands, including leading manufacturers and servicing companies, which means you can shop for parts with confidence.


From windscreen wipers and number plates to lubricants and oils, and eBay will have exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look at just some of the car parts you can easily and most importantly, change yourself, so you can easily sail through your next MOT.



How many drivers does it take…

One. It takes one driver to change a lightbulb. Even if you’ve never done it before, it really is straightforward on most vehicles. So, instead of shelling out for a specialist to replace any headlights, indicators or brake lights that may have stopped working, browse through and eBay’s range. When you arrive on the site’s main lightbulb page, you can simply input your registration number and view listings bespoke to your car.


And the good news is, in most vehicles, the location of the bulbs, particularly headlights, is easy to find under the bonnet. From there, it’s a quick job to unclip the wires and replace the affected bulb.


Shop for lightbulbs


Don’t get overcharged

All car batteries degrade over time, and while a wearing battery won’t earn a fail in its own right, with age comes the likelihood of unwelcome damage and electrolyte leaks that could absolutely earn one. If you’re in need of a new battery, you can shop from a huge choice on or eBay as with other parts, you can easily refine your search for models that are compatible with your vehicle. Fitting a new battery is as straightforward a job as you could get too, so it really is an easy win.


Car batteries


Keep it clean

Unbelievably, something as simple as a dodgy windscreen wiper can cause a fail, which is doubly frustrating, as you’ll often pay less to replace them and eBay than you would the cost of a partial retest. Any tears or holes in the wiper rubber will seal your fate, so if you notice any in yours, simply key your registration into and find the right wipers for you. Most wiper replacements are just a case of unclip, slide out, slide in and clip. Easy!


Shop windscreen wipers


A wing and a prayer

This hurts to hear, but at some point, some nitwit is probably going to clip your wing mirror and crack the glass. To add insult to injury, they probably either won’t notice or will notice and won’t care. Whatever you do, don’t let them have the last laugh by making you fail your MOT. The glass is easily replaced and, you guessed it, you can find the exact model for your car on a car part finder such as and eBay at cheap prices. If you get it done at a garage, at this point you’ll just be stealing from yourself.


Search wing mirror glass


Keep it fluid

Of the many potential MOT own goals, failing due to insufficient levels of engine oil or screenwash has got to be right up there with the most galling. Luckily, a cursory visit to eBay’s MOT deals page will furnish you with a plethora of handy products from the likes of Comma, Mobil and WD-40. With so many to choose from, you’re bound to find a better deal than that offered by your local petrol station forecourt.


Shop fluids and oils