Monday 10th December 2018
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Breakeryard Driving Home safely this christmas

It’s that time of year again and it is more than just Chris Rea who will be driving home for Christmas. This is an exciting time of year and many people have places to go and people to see. However, driving conditions in December are often challenging, even for experienced drivers. You want to be confident in your car and what it can handle in all manner of driving conditions.

Add in the fact that there is not a lot of daylight in December, and this is a month when drivers have a lot to think about. There is also the fact that December is possibly the costliest month of the year for most people, which means that if you need to repair or replace parts of your car, it will be the worst month of the year to do so.

Winter driving tips are useful for all drivers

It doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of good habits and sensible driving tips during December. Some tips to remember include:

  • Don’t drive when you are tired
  • Ensure your tyres are fully inflated
  • Try to maintain at least half a tank of fuel at all times
  • Check the weather forecast before setting off on long journeys
  • Accelerate and decelerate at a slower rate than you normally would
  • Test your brakes and be confident about their condition
  • Increase your stopping distance

As you can tell from these tips, the condition of your car has a huge role to play in driving safely in December.

Therefore, it makes sense to take care of your car at this time of year. If there is something that is giving you concern, have it examined by the experts or think about replacing the part or component.

Ensure your car is in the best possible condition

At Breakeryard, we are pleased to say that we are an online provider who helps you find new and used car parts. Using our service couldn’t be simpler. You tell us the make and model of your car and the part that you are looking for.

We then take your information and send the request to a list of approved and registered brokers. They contact you directly with emails if they are able to help. Therefore, you can do all this from the comfort of your home and with every quote being sent to your inbox, you have the full range of information at your fingertips.

Be wary when on the road

Caring for your car is important but as a driver, you must be alert and conscious of what is happening around you. At Christmas, people like to celebrate but make sure you don’t drink and drive. In 2017, around 70,000 motorists were caught drink driving. Even if you drive safely, you cannot vouch for all other drivers, which means you must remain alert.

This means you should also avoid using your mobile while driving. This will limit your alertness on the road, but it could also land you a fine and penalty points. If you are caught using a hand-held mobile, there is an automatic fixed penalty notice of three points and a fine of £60. If the case goes to court, there is a maximum fine of £1,000.

Be confident in your vehicle this December

When you are driving in December, you want your car to be at its best. If it isn’t, you need to take swift action, but of course, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Therefore, being able to obtain a range of quotes from trusted suppliers without having to race around garages or phone up suppliers makes life easier.

December is supposed to be a fun and exciting month but all too often, it becomes a stressful and challenging month. With the help of Breakeryard, we’ll help you deal with any unexpected problems, ensuring you can drive safely, no matter what weather conditions arise!