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Introducing the All-Electric smart #3 models

The world is shifting towards a greener future, and electric vehicles (EVs) are leading the charge. At smart, we're passionate about creating a sustainable driving experience that doesn't compromise on style or performance. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the all-new smart #3, a compact electric SUV that embodies the very essence of smart electric driving.

Sustainable Power:

The smart #3 is built with sustainability in mind. Unlike traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions. This means you can cruise around town or embark on road trips without contributing to air pollution. With every mile driven in the #3, you're making a positive impact on the environment.

Energy Efficiency:

The #3 boasts an impressive aerodynamic design that minimizes drag and maximizes range. This, combined with its efficient electric powertrain, translates to less energy consumption. Additionally, the #3 supports regenerative braking, a feature that captures energy during deceleration and puts it back into the battery, further extending your driving range.

Beyond Emissions:

Sustainability goes beyond just emissions. The smart #3 is built with a focus on responsible manufacturing practices and the use of recycled materials. This commitment to environmental responsibility extends throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

Introducing the smart #3:

The smart #3 isn't just about eco-friendliness; it's a statement. Its sleek, aerodynamic design exudes confidence, while its spacious interior offers exceptional comfort for both driver and passengers. Packed with technology and boasting a sporty performance, the #3 is a perfect blend of sustainability and exhilarating driving pleasure.

Ready to Make the Switch?

If you're looking for a way to drive smarter and embrace a more sustainable future, the smart #3 is the perfect choice. With its impressive range, efficient design, and focus on environmental responsibility, the #3 lets you experience the thrill of electric driving without sacrificing on style or performance.

Visit your local smart UK dealer today for a test drive and discover a new way to explore the world – sustainably and in style.

The #3 comes in a variety of models to suit your needs and driving style. Choose from the Pro, Pro+, Premium, and Brabus trims, each offering different battery pack sizes and performance options. No matter which model you choose, you'll be getting a car that's fun to drive and kind to the planet.