Wednesday 8th June 2022
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Windshield Wiper & Blades
Windshield wipers and wiper blades are important parts to a car. However, they are usually overlooked by the car owner. They are right in front of us on the windscreen. We tend to take them for granted and very rarely think about changing them.

Windshield wipers contribute more than any other part of your car which give you the ability to drive safely. We use are window wipers when its raining and snowing, to keep our windscreens clear both front and back to help our visibility when driving.

Wiper blades over time start to wear which tear which will effect the visibility of the driver and need to be replaced.

The air, oil, sunlight and dirt contribute to the weakening of the wiper blades. The deterioration will give you less and less visibility and will obstruct your view, just like a chip or crack in  the windscreen will make it dangerous to drive.

The cold weather is another contributing factor for damaging the wiper blades, freezing temperatures can make the wiper blades brittle and cause them to split and crack again making it difficult for the driver to get good visibility.

There are lots of reasons the wiper blades wear, spilt, or crack thats why it is recommended you should change them every 6 months or get them checked during service intervals.