Monday 13th February 2017
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2016 volkswagen polo, rumoured to be similar to the new model

The first pictures of the new Volkswagen Polo have surfaced! Although, not in the way you’d expect. Several automotive websites and publications, including Auto Express, have managed to take some sneaky shots of the new car during its initial testing in 2016. The car in question though was wrapped up in a bizarre black and white covering, to disguise its bodywork and colouring.


Despite this secrecy surrounding the new Polo’s looks, a lot of details have emerged about this next incarnation of the popular supermini. For one thing, it’s going to have stiff competition when it’s rumoured released in the second half of next year comes around. The new Ford Fiesta comes out several months before the Polo and is expected to be a great supermini in its own regard.


Despite this, the new Polo does look to be a step forward for the iconic brand. Judging by the sneaky snaps, the new iteration of the supermini will retain its familiar body-shape. Volkswagen look to be taking the Polo down a sportier route, though, with suggestions it will feature Golf GTI wheels and twin exhausts. This sportier image continues with the engine, which is small but satisfyingly turbo-charged to provide around 75hp in basic packages up to the more expensive 115hp offering.


It appears that Volkswagen are wanting to keep the family in mind, though. A larger wheelbase will mean improved cabin space and room for better quality interior features. It’s also rumoured that the new Polo won’t feature a Hybrid option for the engine, due to Volkswagen wanting to keep the brand affordable and a good option for young families and first-time buyers. Another advantage of this approach is that prices of car parts for the new Polo will be low, even upon initial release.


Digital natives will be happy as well, with more interior space allowing Volkswagen to offer a full Android touchscreen, with smartphone connectivity and app integration, in many editions of the new Polo.


This news comes alongside the spotting of a crossover SUV version of the Polo being tested. Expected to be released in 2018, this version of the Polo will feature, among other things, a larger body and raised ride-height. It will be in direct competition with the likes of the Nissan Juke.


The supermini industry is one that is getting more and more competitive every year. The Volkswagen Polo looks to be keeping up with the competition and even improving in some areas, but will it have what it takes to bring down the big boys like the Ford Fiesta, the Mini, and the Renault Clio? Only time will tell!


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