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Your vehicle's cooling system is probably one of its most important assets.  Therefore, it makes sense to take good care of it!  Here's our pick for 10 of the best cooling system hacks you'll ever need.  Start making sure it's up to scratch for the drives ahead!

Get Your System Regularly Serviced and Flushed

This probably goes without saying, but you’re going to need to make sure your cooling system is regularly serviced so it can work at its full potential.  We’d generally advise you get things checked out every two years so it can be flushed.

Change Your Coolant / Anti-Freeze Often

While you can get away with having your system in general checked over sparingly, you should always check the coolant itself regularly.  Your exact schedule will depend on the type of vehicle you are running.  Always check the manual, and that your coolant is not acidic.

Preserve Your Radiator

While you may think that the radiator has nothing to do with vehicle cooling, you’d be mistaken.  It’s here where the coolant itself flows through, which means it’s always a good idea to get your fluids checked out and topped up. 

Check Your Fan Belts

The cooling system is dependent on belts – which means that, if at any point it breaks, your car is at risk of overheating.  Make sure your belts are in place and are working as they should.

Re-gas Your Air Con

Your air conditioning is obviously going to be working overtime to cool your car down.  Therefore, you should always get your system re-gassed by a specialist if you ever find cool air isn’t coming through as it should.

Monitor Your Air Intake

Air in your cooling system will cause vehicle overheating.  In fact, it is one of the most common causes of this problem!  If you have air pockets in the system, you should bleed it like you would a household radiator.  It’s fairly simple to do on your own.

Rely on Your Thermostat

Some online guides suggest you should ignore your thermostat!  Don’t ever do this!  It’s essential to the flow of coolant.  Therefore, if and when it fails, you should get it checked out right away – you may overheat, or waste fuel.

Listen for Your Water Pump

Your water pump is another key factor in your cooling system.  When it’s about to fail, you will normally either hear a high-pitched screeching, or you will spot leakage under your car.  Get it checked out as soon as you can.

Check the Cap

Your radiator cap is also going to be a key player in cooling system care.  Even if it is only slightly worn, you may do best to get it replaced.  An inefficient radiator could cause all manner of problems later on.

Take Care During Inspection

Inspecting your car radiator while hot may put you at risk of being scalded by hot coolant.  Always check when cool, or ask a mechanic to help.