Tuesday 19th September 2017
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Cars, during the winter, waiting at traffic lights

We’re back with part 2 of our winter readiness series! If you didn’t see part 1, take a look at it here. In this series, we’re giving you some of our top tips for preparing your car for the winter. Whilst winter isn’t upon us yet, it’s never too early to start preparing. Especially when you consider the unpredictability of the British weather! So, take a look below at some more tips and keep an eye out for part 3 in the near future:


  1. Keep your car covered.

If you have a garage, now is the time to use it. It will protect your car’s paint, stop your windshield and windows from icing up overnight, and prevent any fluids from freezing.

If you don’t have access to a garage then the next best thing is a car cover. These are inexpensive sheets, normally around £10-£30, that will protect your car’s paint and stop any snow and ice build-up. Unfortunately, it won’t stop your vehicle’s fluids from freezing but there are other steps you can take to avoid this such as topping up your antifreeze levels.


  1. Check your heater system.

This might seem obvious to a lot of you, but it’s easy to forget about during a long, warm summer. Before the winter settles in, check that your heaters are working and that the core isn’t leaking. On top of that, ensure that your window defroster is operating properly.

If you find any problems then take the advice that we gave you in the first part of this series: check your car in for a service. Once you’ve identified what the problem is, replace the faulty parts.

If you’re looking to replace any part of your car’s heating system, consider a breaker yard. You can often save a lot of money, which is always good when Christmas is around the corner!


  1. Inspect your windshield wipers.

Check over your windshield wipers to make sure they’re not worn or broken. The last thing you need is a wiper to break or stop working when it’s pouring with rain or snowing!

While you’re at it, replace your wiper fluid with one that contains antifreeze. This’ll help on those cold, winter mornings and stop the fluid from freezing overnight.


We hope these tips help you get properly prepared for winter! We’ve still got a little bit of time before it rears its cold head, so we’ll be back again next month with some more winter preparation advice.

Remember that if you need to replace any parts before winter, consider a breaker yard! You’ll save a load of money on every part and spend less time waiting for them to be delivered. Take a look at our part finder or part directory and get ready for winter!