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Your New Year Resolution Is To Drive Safely

January is the ideal time to make a fresh start and give yourself a new outlook on life. If you haven’t enjoyed your life as much as you should have recently, this is the ideal time to make changes or improvements. It is also the perfect time to remove bad habits from your life. There are many ways you can make positive changes in your life but considering the weather conditions in January, this is the ideal time to focus on driving safely.

January is miserable, the weather is cold and damp, and most people are looking for a slow and steady start to the New Year after the excesses of the festive period. If you are going to be driving in January, be mindful of conditions such as wind, rain, sleet, ice, hailstones and snow. You need to make sure that you are alert, and you want to ensure your car is in fantastic condition.

January can be a trying month

January is not the best time of year for parts and components in your car to stop working. A lot of people are keen to avoid making unnecessary payments in January but if there are problems with your car, you cannot wait or hope for the best.

The need for your car components to be in full working order is down to the changeable weather conditions. When roads are wet or icy, it takes longer for your tyres to grip the road. You need to give yourself more time to stop, and you also need to ensure that your brakes are in full working order. If you don’t have great brakes in January, you may be putting yourself and others at risk.

Get help to drive safely this January

This is where we aim to lend a hand. We make finding the best parts for your car a straightforward process. You don’t want to drive around various garages or suppliers to get a price for a component, we can help with that. Inform us of the part you need, and we will contact reputable suppliers on your behalf. You will, therefore, receive quotes direct to your inbox, allowing you to pick the part that best suits your needs and budget.

Driving safely is mainly about using common sense and making smart decisions. Be aware that driving conditions are more challenging and that you should drive more cautiously than you normally would. A simple step like accelerating or decelerating at a slower rate ensures you stay in control and places your vehicle under less pressure and strain.

At Breakeryard, we wish you the very best for 2019 and beyond, but what you get out of life is often linked to what you put in. January can be a challenging month in many ways, and it often isn’t a fun month to drive. However, with careful planning and taking steps to ensure your vehicle is in fantastic condition, we are sure that you will love getting out and about in the first month of the New Year.