The receiver dryer is a component that protects all the other parts of the Air-Conditioning loop. It is located between the condenser outlet and the expansion value inlet on the high pressure side of the circuit.

The receiver dryer has different roles: 

  • To retain moisture and contaminants from the system.
  • To finalise and secure condensation of the fluid.
  • To compensate for the variations of fluid volume.
  • To ensure oil return to compressor. Regularly replacing the filter prevents serious failures and the costly replacement of other components in the air conditioning system. 

Dryers look like small metal cans with an inlet and outlet. They are only used in Aircon systems that use expansion values.

Dryers are located in the high-pressure section of the system usually in the plumbing, between the condenser outlet and the expansion value inlet, although some may be connected directly to the condenser. If you need to replace this part, ensure that you buy the right aircon dryer for your car's air conditioning system.