A Hard top is a car roof made of rigid and hard material that can be removed. This roof variant has its advantages and disadvantages. Post-hardtop development, or retractable hardtop, is used by some car manufacturers.

First, a hardtop is associated with cabriolets but also pickups. It is a roof structure, different from a conventional cloth or PVC soft top. The hardtop is made of solid material, and can be made of aluminum, sheet metal or fiberglass reinforced plastic. The advantage of the hardtop over the soft roof is on the one hand, better protection against vandalism, such as tears in the hood, and on the other hand better protection against thieves who do not access so easily to inside the vehicle. In addition, driving with a hardtop is more pleasant than with a soft top. Indeed the hood often causes a disturbing noise and the driver, especially at higher speeds, can feel the effect of wind at the face, which is not pleasant, especially in winter. Equipped with a hardtop, the vehicle is generally much better heated in winter and it retains better heat. Naturally the hardtop also has its disadvantages. Unlike convertible soft roofs, the hardtop is not collapsible and must be removed and stored when not in use.

An interesting variant of the hardtop, which has been developed more recently, is the retractable hardtop. Some manufacturers convertible convertible roofs consist of several segments that fold into the trunk.