The roof rack is one of the most useful of motoring accessories, providing the facility to carry extra loads safely and easily.

When the roof rack first came into use they were attached to the body of the car by mounting them directly to the rain gutter that ran around the line of the roof. Since the construction of cars with rain gutters was abandoned, the roof rack would be connected to the car by connecting hooks to the top of the door frames.

Many modern vehicles now have permanent fittings on the roof which are designed to offer an anchor to a roof rack, whilst other vehicles have a permanent factory installed roof rack.

The roof rack can assist with the transportation of a variety of items and is particularly useful if the car is carrying a large family or group. Items such as suitcases, bikes, canoes, kayaks, skis, and water skis are frequently seen on roof racks, as are a variety of other boxes and containers. A variant of the simple roof rack is the roof box. This provides additional storage but is covered, providing protection for its contents from the external elements.

Whatever the type, a roof rack is an excellent way of transporting a whole range of items on the roof of the car.