Different models of cars have different types of roof rack.  Some vehicles have factory built roof racks, whilst others have rain gutters to which a roof rack can easily be attached.  Some vehicles simply have a bare roof and for these vehicles a different type of roof rack system has to be employed.

These types of roof rack systems are made up from a variety of different components that are all combined to attach the roof rack securely to the roof of the car. One of the most popular roof racks is the tower version. This consists of four towers, which are attached to the four corners of vehicle’s roof by a   roof  rack  clip.  Load bars are then connected to the towers, running across the vehicle to serve as a mounting point.  An alternative roof rack system involves the attachment of feet, rather than towers.

Most roof rack sets are lockable, to prevent theft, and are also designed with aerodynamics in mind. Roof rack kit suppliers will be happy to advise on the type of system that is suitable for a particular model of vehicle, including the type and number of    roof rack clips that will be required and the most secure means of fitting the roof rack to the car.