The bootlid tailgate open switches can vary depending on which vehicle they’re located upon. Some are manually operated by pushing a button on or near the tailgate in order to open it.  On some vehicles however, there is an electric switch that is situated in the front of the vehicle - usually on the driverside - which is used to open the vehicle’s boot or tailgate without having to get out of the vehicle and open the boot manually. There are also types of vehicle or models that use both the manual bootlid and tailgate opening method and the electrical version, as well as a key operation to open the boot.

Issues with the bootlid tailgate open switch may mean that you are unable to open the boot. This could be caused by an electrical fault as a result of wear and tear. Some vehicles however, have the opposite problem in that the bootlid or tailgate won’t close or opens whilst the vehicle is moving. This is obviously a security issue, but can also create a dangerous situation if the boot opens whilst the vehicle is in motion, as luggage stored in the boot can make its way into the path of following traffic.