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What is the boot/what does it do?

The boot of a vehicle is the luggage space at the rear. On a saloon car this is a separate space with a boot lid, on a hatchback and estate car this is the space between the back door and the back passenger seats.

Getting into the details of the boot

The access to these spaces is either from the hinged boot lid or the hinged tailgate/door which has a window. The opening of these spaces is normally controlled by a central locking system, in some cases on a saloon model the boot lid is opened by a cable release operated by a lever from the driver's position. In addition there is a handle release and key barrel lock on the boot lid or tailgate. On a hatchback and estate car the tailgate and sometimes on a large boot lid, lift, is assisted by gas filled struts that help lift and hold the weight of the tailgate or boot lid, in the fully open position. On all types of openings there is a rubber seal to make the vehicle watertight in the closed position. When the lid or tailgate is opened an electric light illuminates the area of the boot compartment, which is activated automatically. The area inside is carpeted with removable pieces held in place with popper push/pull clips. On the hatchback and estate car the window will have a wiper and wash system incorporated in the cavity behind the trim on the  tailgate. The tailgate or boot lid may have a central brake light and/or fog light incorporated. Often the rear registration plate with, illumination, is incorporated into boot lid or tailgate. On the exterior there are varying pieces of trim, reflective strips, makers badges, model names and numbers.

What if something goes wrong with the boot?

Problems with the boot/tailgate areas are most commonly caused by collision damage or attempted break-ins or in some cases just wear and tear.One common fault is the gas filled struts that lift and hold the tailgate or boot lid, in time these loose the ability to function as intended and need to be replaced. Spares for the boot area, apart from the actual hatchback door or boot lid include hinges, struts, rubber seals, carpets, lights, switches, screens, wiper/washers, key locks, release cables and mechanisms, trims and badges.

Replacement Boot Parts

Boot Cargo Area Net
Boot Carpet
Boot Cover - Low Level
Boot Floor
Boot Foam
Boot Light
Boot Lock & Keys
Boot Net
Boot Seatbelt
Boot Shelf
Boot Side Panel
Boot Tailgate Carpet
Boot Tailgate Rubber Seal
Boot Tray - Plastic
Bootlid Button
Bootlid Handle
Bootlid Hinge
Bootlid Hinge Set
Bootlid Lock Mech
Bootlid Struts
Bootlid Tailgate
Bootlid Tailgate Badge
Bootlid Tailgate Hatch Glass
Bootlid Tailgate Hinge
Bootlid Tailgate Open Switch
Bootlid Tailgate Reflective Panel
Bootlid Tailgate Release Cable
Bootlid Tailgate Struts
Cargo Net
Low-Level Boot Cover
Lower Opening Tailgate Bar
Tailgate Button
Tailgate Glass
Tailgate Handle
Tailgate Hinges
Tailgate Lock Mechanism
Tailgate Mechanism Plastic Surround
Tailgate Panel Trim
Tailgate Plastic/Bottom Trim
Tailgate Struts
Tailgate Window Locking Mechanism
Tailgate Window Mechanism
Tailgate Window Struts

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