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The bootlid tailgate strut is a rod which forms part of the framework of the bootlid tailgate on the vehicle and is used to hold the tailgate/rear boot up and in place when it's open. 

The bootlid tailgate strut is positioned on the side of the boot.  So that the bootlid is held in place evenly and can open with ease, there is also a bootlid tailgate strut on the other side of the boot. With the aid of the bootlid tailgate struts and the action of hinges, the bootlid tailgate opens outwards. 

The bootlid tailgate strut use a gas spring mechanism to work, which uses gas inside a cylinder, compressed by a piston, to apply force, which keeps the strut rigid and extended and able to support the weight of the boot while it's open. This mechanism also helps to make opening the boot a smooth and easy operation. The internal mechanisms are housed in a rod which is sealed in an outer casing. 

Loss of gas is the usual cause of failure in the bootlid tailgate strut. Damage can occur to the seal, enabling gas to leak out every time the boot is open, i.e. every time the bootlid tailgate struts open and shut. Faulty or broken bootlid  tailgate struts may mean that the boot is hard to open, won't stay open fully or just slams shut again. When replacing the bootlid tailgate struts, buying new bootlid tailgate struts will ensure perfect compatibility with the make and model of your car. It's advisable to replace both sides of the bootlid tailgate struts at the same time to make sure the pressure is balanced and equal in both struts.