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The brake hose is the pipe system that contains the hydraulic fluid that is an integral part of the braking system. When the footbrake is applied the fluid is forced, via a master cylinder and brake servo system, through the pipes to the pistons in the calipers in each wheel, which forces the pads onto the brake discs, or the brake shoes onto the inside of the drums, and this slows the spinning of the wheels.

The brake hoses are made up of rigid and flexible pipes. The rigid pipe is usually made of steel and may be plastic coated and is fixed to the bodywork. It runs from the engine compartment under the car to each wheel. There is a flexible section that connects the rigid pipe to the wheel brake backplate and into the brake piston on each wheel. The flexible pipe is a made of rubber encased in braided metal.

Problems with brake hoses are commonly caused by corrosion or chafing resulting in leakage of the hydraulic fluid and resulting loss of pressure and brake failure. New piping is supplied pre-formed to fit every particular make and model as it has to follow a certain route and length. brake hose is the ideal replacement, designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle.