The handbrake cover is a leather or fabric gaiter of a complimentary colour to match the vehicles’ interior. This gaiter covers the base of the handbrake in the vehicle. Its job is partly aesthetic, and gives the handbrake a finished look. It’s also used to protect the inner workings of the handbrake and ensure that they are not exposed. Because this cover is made from fabric it is prone to damage and dirt. If this occurs, it is possible to replace the cover with a suitable alternative. 

Some vehicle owners prefer to change the handbrake cover for cosmetic reasons. There’s a great deal of interest in modifying a vehicle’s interior to give it a new, personalised touch and if a change of colour in the vehicle’s upholstery and interior is completed, many will want to also compliment this with similar or contrasting fittings. 

Some handbrake covers are completed with a metal, rubberised or leather grip to cover the handbrake itself. These come in a variety of styles and patterns and also play an important role in ensuring that the driver can grab the handbrake in an emergency. Damaged grips should be replaced as soon as possible.