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The camshaft sensor is a clever magnetic sensor which, along with the crankshaft sensor, works in conjunction with the car's ECU, playing a crucial part in enabling the engine to run on time and smoothly. The camshaft sensor measures the speed that the camshaft is rotating and sends this information to the ECU which uses it to determine and control the ignition and fuel injection timing of the engine. 

The camshaft sensor is located underneath the bonnet, usually next to the engine or directly behind the cylinder head. 

The camshaft sensor is commonly replaced due to damage received in an accident or general wear and tear. Extremes of heat and damage from oil leaking into the sensor are also factors that can lead to the sensor malfunctioning. If there is a problem with the camshaft sensor the Check Engine light will illuminate on the dashboard. If the engine is struggling with power, spluttering and stalling, having difficulty idling, or having issues with acceleration, it could be a broken camshaft sensor. 

If the camshaft sensor is not working properly and is ignored this could lead to fatal ignition failure. It's a good idea to seek advice from your mechanic to establish the exact root of the problem. When this important part fails, replacing it with the camshaft sensor will guarantee complete compatibility with the make and model of your vehicle.