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What is the engine/what does it do?

It goes without saying that the heart of a vehicle is the engine. Without it your vehicle will be going nowhere fast, so it’s important to keep it running smoothly and recognise any signs of engine trouble before they become catastrophic. There are two main types of engine, the diesel engine and the petrol, and both of these engine types use internal combustion (small explosions) to operate the engine.

Getting into the details of the engine

The engine has a series of pistons attached to a crankshaft below them and a camshaft above them via a connecting rod. The amount of pistons varies depending on the vehicle. Motorcycles for example, often have two cylinders, but a vehicle can have up to eight depending on the power of the engine. These cylinders can be positioned in an inline position, sideways, as in a VW Beetle (known as a flat four), or in a V position such as a V6 or V8 engine.

The job of the crankshaft is to carry power generated by the pistons to the rest of the vehicle, and eventually the wheels in order to move the vehicle. This crankshaft has counterweights to ensure that its movement is consistent. The crankshaft is attached at the side to the engine’s flywheel. The flywheel stores torque from the torque converter, and combined allows the engine to spin independently of the transmission.

The crankshaft, along with the camshaft are controlled by a timing belt to ensure that they both move in synchronicity. This is important as the correctly timed opening and closing movement of the engine’s valves are essential to prevent the pistons from striking the valves when moving.

When an engine is operating, it goes through what is commonly known as ‘four strokes.’ The first is intake stroke, which is where the piston is in the top position and moves down, allowing the engine to take in petrol and air.

The next is the compression stroke, which is where the valves close and the piston moves back up compressing the fuel and air mixture.

The third stroke differs between a diesel and petrol engine, but nonetheless is still called the power stroke. In a petrol vehicle a spark is given off by a spark plug which ignites the fuel and water mixture. In a diesel engine, the fuel is injected in to the compressed air. Because compressed air is hotter than non-compressed air the introduction of the diesel causes combustion when the two mix. In either case, the fuel mixture explodes, and drives the piston back in to the down position.

When the piston hits the bottom this opens the exhaust valve and the remaining spent fuel mixture leaves the exhaust.

What if something goes wrong with the engine?

There are many reasons in which a vehicle’s engine can fail and these are most often caused by damaged or worn engine parts. For example, a lack of compression in your engine could be caused by a problem with the cylinder, or damage to the piston or its surrounding ring. This could cause air to be leaked out of the engine.

Alternatively, a spark plug can fail. Firstly, try cleaning off a spark plug as this can sometimes sort the problem. If a spark plug has failed, it will need to be replaced as this provides the essential spark to the engine’s internal combustion. A lack of power could also be caused by the ignition timing being wrong, which will cause the spark at the wrong time. Alternatively, the battery could be flat, meaning the engine can’t be turned over.

Replacement Engine Parts

Big End Bearings
Bottom Block
Cam Cover
Camshaft Carrier
Camshaft Position Sensor
Camshaft Pulley
Camshaft Sensor
Carb Mountings
Coil Wire
Coolant Level Sensor
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Crank Position Sensor
Crankshaft Pulley
Crankshaft Sensor
Cylinder Head Bare
Cylinder Head Bolt Set
Cylinder Head Bolts
Cylinder Head Complete
Cylinder Head Gasket
Cylinder Head Gasket Set
Diesel Injector Pump
Distributor Cap
Dual Mass Flywheel
EGR Gasket
EGR Valve
Electronic Timing Controller
Engine Bare
Engine Complete Full
Engine Cover
Engine ECU
Engine Knock Sensor
Engine Mount
Engine Mounts Complete Set
Engine Reconditioned
Engine sensor
Engine Sub Frame
Engine Temp Sensor
Engine Under Tray
Engine with Ancils
Fan Belt
Flywheel Dual Mass
Flywheel Standard
Glow Plug
Glow Plug Relay
Glow Plug Sensor Diesel
Glow Plugs Diesel
Hall Senders
Head Gasket Set
Hot film mass airflow meter
Hydraulic Lifter
Hydraulic Pipes
Hydraulic Tappets
Idle Control Valve
Idle Speed Control Stepper Motor
Idle Stabilisation Valve
Inlet Manifold Gasket
Inlet Manifold Metal
Inlet Manifold Plastic
Inlet Manifold runner control module
Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Intake ducts
Intake Manifold Flap Motor
MAP Sensor
Mass Airflow Sensor
Master Cylinder
Oil Cooler
Oil Dipstick
Oil Filler Cap
Oil Filter
Oil Filter Housing
Oil Level Sensor
Oil Pressure Sensor Switch
Oil Pump
Oil Sump Cover
Oil Sump Gasket
Oil Sump Pan
PCV Valve
Pipercross Filters
Rocker Cover
Rocker Cover Gasket
Rocker Shaft
Rod Ends
Rotor Arm
Secondary Fuel Pump Diesel
Solid Mass Flywheel
Spark Plugs
Starter Motor
Starter Motor Relay
Starter solenoid
Stepper Motor
Super Charger
TDC Sensor
Thermostat Housing
Thermostat Housing Gasket
Throttle Body
Throttle Body Housing
Throttle Cable
Throttle Pedal
Throttle Position Sensor
Throttle Potentiometer
Timing Belt
Timing Belt Kit
Timing Cam Belt
Timing Cam Belt Kit
Timing Cam Belt Tensioner
Timing Chain
Timing Cover
Turbo & Manifold
Turbo Actuator
Turbo Actuator Electronic
Turbo Boost Regulator
Turbo Charger
Turbo Dump Valve
Turbo Manifold
Turbo Pipe
Vacuum Pump
Valve Guides
Van Door Rear Passengers
Viscous Coupling
Viscous Fan
Water Pump
Water Pump Gasket
Water Temp Sensor Switch

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