Oil is crucial for lubricating the moving components of the engine so they last longer and perform better while also functioning to act as a heat absorber, helping to keep the engine cool. The oil pump pumps the oil out of the tank and around the engine of the car.

The oil pump is mounted to the engine block and secured with bolts and sealed with a gasket to ensure the oil doesn't leak out. The oil pump is often positioned low to enable it to reach the oil in the oil sump. A short hose or pipe with a mesh strainer enables the pump to collect oil from the bottom of the sump. The oil will pass through an oil filter to clean it from any impurities before it is pumped back through the engine.

An oil pump is usually driven by a shaft operating with distributor gears inside the engine block.

As with many engine parts, the oil pump will wear out over time which will prevent the pump from functioning properly as it struggles to pump the oil around the engine. This means that adequate oil pressure cannot be achieved and the oil pump will need replacing. A clattering or ticking noise in the engine could signify a problem with the oil pump. To ensure perfect compatibility with your car, buy a good quality oil pump, which has been manufactured specifically for the make and model of your vehicle.