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Oil is crucial for lubricating the moving components of the engine so they last longer and perform better while also functioning to act as a heat absorber, helping to keep the engine cool. The oil sump pan is an oil tray or tank located at the bottom of the engine. The oil sump pan stores oil, basically acting as a reservoir and collection/storage point for the returning oil once it has been pumped through the engine, before it goes off on its cycle again. The oil will pass through an oil filter to clean it from any impurities before it is pumped back through the engine.

Situated at the bottom of the engine, the oil sump is sealed with a oil sump gasket, which securely seals the oil sump to the engine, preventing leaks.

Often made of rubber or an asbestos mix, sandwiched between the oil sump and the engine, acting as a sealant, is the oil sump gasket.

A worn oil sump gasket will cause oil to leak will need to be replaced. An obvious sign that the oil sump gasket has a leak is oil on the ground beneath your car where it has been parked. The warning light should illuminate on the dashboard when the oil sump gasket has malfunctioned, indicating there is a fault. Driving a car that is low on oil can cause major damage to vital engine components. A leak in the oil sump gasket can cause the oil to leak at a speedy rate and should be attended to as soon as possible. It's always a good idea to confirm with your mechanic the exact fault so that you can make sure you buy the correct replacement part. When replacing this part, ensure you fit an oil sump gasket that's compatible with your car by buying a good quality oil sump gasket.