Find Replacement Electronic Timing Controller Parts

The electronic timing controller functions to assist with controlling fuel delivery in a diesel engine.  The electronic timing controller ensures that a constant supply of fuel is injected at the right proportions at the right time in order for combustion to occur, regardless of the speed the engine is rotating.  It helps when cold starting the engine; to prevent the engine from overheating; and to maintain a constant engine speed. 

Situated on the fuel pump, the electronic timing controller is controlled by the engine's primary drive gear. 

Crucial to engine start up, idling, drive and emissions, the electronic timing controller works in conjunction with the car's ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and various sensors to ensure the precise amount of fuel is injected at the right time for the rotational speed of the engine. 

Signs that there may be a fault with the electronic timing controller are white smoke from the exhaust; a knocking sound from the engine; a sluggish and struggling engine; or unusual amounts of black smoke from the exhaust. When you need to replace the electronic timing controller in your vehicle, buying a good quality electronic timing controller is the ideal choice.