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There are a range of different engine sensors that function to monitor, gather and read various factors pertaining to engine performance and send this information back to the car's ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The ECU uses this vital data to make adjustments to the various systems all working  together, to ensure the engine is running at its best.

Engine sensors include important sensors such as the coolant temperature sensor, mass air flow sensor, throttle position sensor, engine knock sensor, and voltage sensor.

The car's ECU adjusts various factors as and when required to maintain engine performance and does so via various valves, relays, motors and switches.

The car's ECU will regularly carry out routine diagnostic checks of the engine sensors and if it picks up a fault, the warning light will illuminate on the dashboard. A build up of deposits and damage to the sensor's winding, connectors or wiring can cause an engine sensor to malfunction. It's a good idea to consult your mechanic to identify the exact fault before purchasing replacement parts. When you need to replace the engine sensors, choosing to fit the engine sensor will provide you with a compatible part for the make and model of your vehicle.