Hydraulic pipes play a vital role in a car's hydraulic system. Hydraulic pipes function to transport fluid from one component to another. 

hydraulic pipes consist of an inner tube through which the fluid travels, reinforced with a braided or spiral-wound wire construction and covered with a protective outer layer, designed to be resistant to environmental damage, oil corrosion and other damaging abrasions. The inner-tube needs to be flexible and is usually made from either thermoplastics, synthetic rubber or PTFE.

Fitting the right size and type of hydraulic pipes in your vehicle is vital, and will go a long way to ensuring the pipes work effectively and last longer. It is essential the hydraulic pipes, fixtures and fittings are compatible with the make and model of your vehicle. 

It is vital that the correct engine oil is used to ensure the pipes last longer. Exposure to high temperatures will damage hoses, as can the incorrect grade of oil, causing them to lose flexibility and reducing the longevity of this part. When replacing the hydraulic pipes on your vehicle, fitting hydraulic pipes is the perfect replacement part.