The engine, throught he process of internal combustion, generates very high temperatures. For this reason heat shields are fitted to help reduce the temperature in the exhaust system to prevent overheating.

The heat shield is a metal, circular, fixed plate which helps to shield vital exhaust system and other engine components from the intense heat that's generated by the hot gases that are travelling through the system, to help prevent damage to vital components. The specific metal used varies but most common is sheet metal or rolled aluminium. Heat shields are positioned along the exhaust and in the engine compartment along the firewall.

The heat shield either absorbs, deflects or spreads the heat to reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas.

Problems arising with the heat shields can be from corrosion or the shields having become misshapen through contact with stones or debris from the road. Replacing this part with the heat shield will ensure perfect compatibility with the make and model of your vehicle.